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Living A Life In Full

Mar 10, 2018

What do you think is scarier, to be launched off a carrier deck and hit 1200 MPH or to launch a successful healthcare technology company? Well you can find out because my guest on this episode is Richard Gengler, MBA, who has done both—first as a Navy F/A -18 pilot and next as the founding CEO of Prevail Health.

Rich grew up in Madison Wisconsin and graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, with a degree in Accounting. After that he joined the US Navy flight program and was designated a Naval Aviator and selected to fly the F/A 18 Hornet where he served for 9-and-a-half years.

During that time Rich participated extensively in various assignments in support of the Global War on Terror. He was Operational Test Director at Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Nine (VX-9), and was responsible for the testing and evaluation of weapons. He served two tours aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation, he flew numerous combat missions as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and earned an Air Medal for his distinguished service.

Rich is also a graduate of the Booth Graduate School of Business at The University of Chicago. He’s worked as an Associate at Dunrath Capital, Inc., in private equity and venture capital, and currently he is the Founder and CEO of Prevail Health, a healthcare technology company that addresses specifically mental health issues in veterans/military and the health promotion needs of the US Department of Defense and US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Rich has committed his life in radically different fashions to be of service to others. I think you will not only be inspired with how he lives hi life in full, but also to learn some great pieces of advice as to entrepreneurship in healthcare technology as well as funding and bootstrapping a successful business.