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Living A Life In Full

Apr 23, 2018

Have you ever met a Medical Futurist? How about someone that has walked from Chicago to Washington, DC, for the bringing attention and a voice to those impacted by healthcare concerns? How about a physician educator who has literally taught around the world? Have you ever known someone who teaches everything from neuroanatomy, cellular and molecular biology to mathematical modeling, technology marketing and on the convergence of biology, history, sociology, geopolitics, culture, science, and art?


Well then you need to meet Dr. Ogan Gurel. Ogan is a true renaissance man—Harvard trained Columbia ripened, ivy infested polymath and polyglot! We go deep and wide in this engaging episode with a fascinating person.


He is Vice-Chair and Distinguished Professor in Management of Innovation at the DGIST, and Founder and CEO of NovumWaves a new venture advancing biomedical terahertz applications.  Additionally, he has academic appointments as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne and Visiting Professor at the LABA in Italy. He also serves Chair of the Advisory Board for Posture360 in Seoul and has held many advisory and Chief Medical Officer positions at startups over the years.

I suspect his passport is worn out. But wait, there’s more!

Ogan’s held various C-Suite and Directorship positions in technology and information, and has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, including: biomedical science, clinical medicine, strategy consulting, business development, executive management, marketing, and R&D.

He is a teacher who uses teaching to himself learn better. His passion for learning and teaching is the uniting thread for Dr. Gurel, and that passion has been the enabling tool to help him live a life in full, and in service of many, many others.