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Living A Life In Full

Feb 1, 2022

April Rinne is equal parts global authority, advocate, ally and adventurer. She spent the first half of her career focused on global development and financial inclusion, and the latter half on the “new” digital economy and the future of work. For more than two decades, she has seen emerging trends early, understands their potential, and helps others do the same.

Her new book Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change is part personal guidebook, part strategic roadmap, and part blank canvas for discovery, Flux provides a refreshing, unconventional take on navigating change today and far into the future. Each of the eight Flex Superpowers helps you see differently and ground you in your truth. Our conversation is not to be missed if you want to learn how to be empowered to thrive – no matter what changes come your way.

We have a great discussion of the eight flux superpowers, which she calls a “Bento box for the mind.”

  1. Run slower
  2. See what's invisible
  3. Get lost
  4. Start with trust
  5. Know your "enough"
  6. Create your portfolio career
  7. Be all the more human (and serve other humans)
  8. Let go of the future

In her book, April provides discussion guides at the end and the exercises and figures in each chapter that I found to be quite instructive.

We end with some guidance for listeners who are overwhelmed with change and facing anxiety or burnout, her career advice for someone who is worried about where the future of work is taking us, and the seeming paradox of her being a futurist, yet having a superpower be "Letting Go of the Future." We went deep in looking at a world that clamors for "more, more, more," and her perspective on Knowing Your "Enough" and how we can figure out what our enough is.

And April’s answer to my asking her about what are some of the ways she lives your life in full is not to be missed.