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Living A Life In Full

Aug 1, 2019

How does one go from being a dancer in Prince’s films to a business consultant, start-up founder, mentor and one of Entrepreneur Magazine Top Small Company honoree to a record holding land speed racer on a vintage motorcycle? Well Rebecca Berneck tells us how, and much, much more in this information packed and quite fun conversation.

In case you may not know, Rebecca is the founder and “Big Head” of Officeheads, Inc., a company that helps small businesses grow using financial management and analysis. Officeheads was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 top small companies and was chosen for their impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation. And Hubdoc named Officeheads one of North America’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2018 as well.

Rebecca also serves as a mentor at 1871, a Chicago-based organization that fosters technological growth and entrepreneurship, and she is past president of the board of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. Early in her career, she was a Principal at Apogee Strategies, business manager at RNW Consulting, and an assistant at Sibson Consulting.

While Rebecca is highly skilled in entrepreneurship, business coaching, finance, and process design—she has also road raced vintage motorcycles, holds several land speed records, and has raced at Bonneville on the famous salt flats.

Rebecca is an amazing role model for breaking stereotypes of what may formerly have been seen as more so male dominated fields, and she does so with great humor and aplomb! She discusses her hacks and triumphs as well as her resiliency when faced with setbacks and problems, both on and off the track. She is the epitome of living life in full, and often at high speeds.