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Living A Life In Full

Nov 9, 2017

In this episode we get to learn about how Colin O’Brady had overcome challenges that would have derailed most of us, and he has done it with a smile and much aplomb! He came back from a severe injury in a faraway land with the help of his mom, family, and friends to become a top professional triathlete—winning overall in his very first competition! That did not satisfy his passion to help others in tandem with what can be the lonely adventure of climbing expeditions and polar explorations. So he combined them to support youth via The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. So he set out to accomplish the infamous and intimidating Explorers Grand Slam

summiting the world’s seven summits (tallest mountain on each condiment) and going to the north and south poles! He not only accomplished it but he set two world records in the process by being the fasted person to ever do the Grand Slam and broking the speed record for the Seven Summits. Amazing, simply amazing.

I have done three of the seven summits (the easy ones), and I can attest the logistics alone can exacerbate the physical challenges. Combine that with the dicey-ness of weather and risk of illness/injury/Murphy’s Law and you quickly see this was an amazing accomplishment in a number of ways.

Learn about what makes Colin tick, his humanitarian chops, and what’s next in Colin’s life lived in full.

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