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Living A Life In Full

Dec 28, 2017

So how would you travel the world—for years—with no money…?

So many of us postpone many of the things we’d like to do, until something else happens first—we wait until we graduate, or until we get married, or until we have enough money, or until we retire—and then we realize, often too late, that we missed out on the experiences that would have enriched our lives.

Well Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr are wonderful examples of not putting adventure and life on hold. Indeed, Daniel travel for three years on a motorcycle with the motto “2 wheels, 1 world, 0 money.” He made his way by taking on gigs as he traveled.

He also shot much of his experience which became the basis for his award-winning first documentary “Somewhere Else Tomorrow.” Toward the end of that adventure, he met Josephine and within a short period of time, they set off, on motorcycles of course, to travel the rest of the world. Their travels through North, Central, and South America, and then Africa will serve as the basis for their next documentary.

To date, this film-maker, media-designer and world-traveler, has traveled 200,000 km on his bike. Now riding with his partner and soul-mate Josephine, they have been moved by those they have met and worked with to want to contribute and be of help. Throughout their six-year journey around the world they have met those who are fighting for their lives every day. In some cases they helped by donating money, other times by helping repair or create something. In three particular cases they have stayed involved over the years working with a small minority group in Pakistan, the CYF orphanage in Nepal, and the Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala. As they have said, their souls are full and their pockets are empty.

Indeed this is an interview not to be missed—not just to learn how they did it and what it was like, but also what’s next. Daniel and Josephine are prime examples of living their lives in full and helping others in the process.