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Living A Life In Full

Jun 13, 2019

This is the second special edition episode of a limited-run series called Global Innovators—this is in addition to our ongoing monthly episodes. This Special Series focuses specifically work in the humanitarian intervention space.

In this episode we meet Dr. Kelly Torres, the Chair of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s On-Line Department of Educational Psychology and Technology.

In the international arena, Dr. Torres has developed a study abroad program in South Africa where she has provided professional development workshops for educators over the last four years. Her international work has resulted in partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations, universities, and South African township schools.

We do an in-depth discussion of Dr. Torres’ work as a global innovator in her leadership of the doctoral program in Educational Psychology and Technology as well as developing and managing international partnerships—first in South Africa, and next up in Botswana.

She talks about the ethics and ethos of working collaboratively with a diverse group of peers and partnerships of comprised of graduate students and South African colleagues in conducting sustainable programs and collaborative work.

Dr. Torres also shares how she manages international travel, faculty and departmental chair responsibilities, and parenting in this enlightening and inspiring episode. We also learn of what has spurred her professional passion and commitment to her work which is a wonderful demonstration of how she lives her life in full.