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Living A Life In Full

Jan 1, 2020

As we start this third season of the show, I want to first of all, thank you for listening.

The core ethos of the show will be steadfast to always have amazing guests talking about important topics. My goal is also to experiment and learn via the mechanics of the show. Last year on New Year’s Day I did a monolog on Healthspan and my personal experimentation and rationale behind it, and to my nice surprise it was a very popular episode. I got to thinking, I’ll try a new tradition of doing something different from my usual conversations and do a deeper, more personal dive, but work to make it useful to others. So, here goes, I hope you like it.

This is the first day of a New Year and new decade, and I wanted to think out loud about getting things done in 2020 and beyond. This past year, I turned 60, and after my initial freak-out passed, I set out to make my 60th year somewhat of an adventure. I don’t want to squander any remaining years, and really, no one should at any age. And, with all due modesty, I am not a newbie when it comes to doing a number of dumb things in my first 59 years.

I decided to do what I called “Epic 60.” Not that I was going to do 60 things, but more so whatever I did would be “epic” for me to achieve while turning 60. As I have not gotten them all done in the time frame of one year, I then thought I could rename this endeavor as “Epic Sixties.”  But that sounded more like a tribute album to old rock-and-roll bands, and potentially limiting or confusing.

I realized with the help of my family pointing out to me that most of what I want to do, so do others, of any age. Thus, rebrand to “Epic Living” and what follows herein is one approach, and some tips and ideas that may resonate for you. And now, on with the show. Epic Ideas for 2020: Revolution over Resolutions.

Bottom-line, see what work, most of the time, just for you.

Now, go do something epic!