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Living A Life In Full

Dec 1, 2018

Did you ever wondered what the path is like to make it to the Olympics and win a medal? How about taking that approach and finding that it can also be a way to unlock human potential and drive growth in your life and career?

If so, then you are going to enjoy learning from John Coyle and his approach to better using time, how to best exploit your strengths, how to increase your personal resilience, and even how to know when it’s OK to quit doing something.

John’s life is an inspiring story that has actionable lessons for us all, even if we’re not heading to the Olympics!

In this episode we not only deconstruct his unique athletic path that lead him to the Olympics, but also what it taught him that the best way to unlock human potential and drive growth is to design lives, careers, and teams maximizing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses and that the best way to innovate your life and business so you can take on greater challenges and grow is to increase personal resilience. We look at when it makes sense to quit doing something versus doing the proverbial sticking-with-it.

John is the personification of how useful and successful this approach can be, and details the neuroscience behind it.

This is conversation not to be missed in terms of designing your life and developing resilience through focusing on your strengths. John is indeed fulling living his life, and this episode will help you gain more from yours.