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Living A Life In Full

Jul 1, 2019

Matt Bailey is a world-traveling writer, photographer, travel consultant, and marketer. He founded and hosts “Canada’s Road to 150,” a 150-day Canada-wide multimedia road trip celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. He also started Canadian Free Flyers, a membership site that teaches Canadians how to travel the world cost-effectively.

Matt studied management and international marketing at The University of Lethbridge in Canada, where he met his wife. His studies took him to Southeast Asia and Denmark, but really, he’s been all over the world, which we discuss in detail in the global episode.

He’s cracked the code to being location independent with an entrepreneurial flair that he teaches others how to do as well. Matt founded inspirational blog called “Live Limitless” with a focus on helping others go from “ordinary to extraordinary” and to “develop a limitless mindset.” He certainly walks-the talk as to the importance of bucket lists. In fact, he actually accomplished all 100 items on his first bucket list.

If you know me you know I am a big fan of such lists. I developed my own as a teenager and have used it as a blueprint for my life.

I also have spun off a time-limited, goal oriented travel project as well called “275 x 60.”

Matt has lived his life in full fueled by his interests in travel and adventure, be it trying out for the Canadian Olympic speed skating team with no experience or swimming with sharks at night. He’s been to over 35 counties by my count, all over the United States, and to every province in Canada. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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“Living a Life in Full” is the conversation you always wanted to have with that person who gave an amazing TED talk, or the author of one your favorite books, or that inspirational Olympian you always wanted to know more about.

This show is for the intellectually curious. You want to not just know more about the interesting and the innovative, but also what makes them tick, and maybe even what makes them laugh. It’s graduate-level conversations with those making a difference in the world and the lives of others.

This show brings you new ideas and approaches so you can live a life in full.

The show is equal parts information and inspiration, but without the aphorisms and Pablum. We cover a wide range of topics in an engaging way—from Burning Man to The Renaissance Weekend, from the United Nations to top universities, Nobel Laureates to astronauts—we have an amazing Rolodex.

Interviewees are a who’s who of high performance athletes, bestselling authors, high-caliber leaders, world changing humanitarians, innovative researchers, amazing start-up founders, clever life-hackers, paradigm busting thought-leaders and global innovators.