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Living A Life In Full

May 1, 2022

As disruption impacts many industries, mid-career professionals must navigate change and consider its future impact. Likewise, the post-career population faces transformation, and needs to prepare financially, logistically, or emotionally for the next phase of their lives. Michael urges us to view this transition through a progressive lens: don’t retire, but rather rewire or re-fire toward a happier, more productive next chapter. And end self-imposed ageism; focus instead on self-driven growth-ism – to fulfill dreams, and plan new experiences, travel, relationships, and more.

Michael’s mission is to help others shape a second half of life full of joy, purpose, learning, and fulfillment. Packed with practical tips and insightful research, his new book ROAR into the second half of your life (before it's too late) and our conversation offer ways to optimize our lives and realize our most important goals. Michael is a testament to this process, applying it himself to pursue a diverse and richly layered life. Rising from working class roots to a successful career in magazine publishing, he also enjoys other “lives” as a photographer, pilot, philanthropist, marathon runner, and winemaker. 

This is the master class and the textbook for learning how to live your life in full.