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Living A Life In Full

Mar 1, 2023

A great idea presents as a well-formulated thought or plan of action that spurs growth, change, advancement, adaptation, or new insight. Worthwhile ideas move the needle; they can change the playing field altogether.

One of the most innovative thinkers in this area is Professor Robin Landa, author of The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential, which is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble, and imaginative thinkers.

Robin holds the title of Distinguished Professor at the Michael Graves College at Kean University. She has written 25 books about creativity, graphic design, advertising design, branding, and drawing. And she has won numerous awards for her writing, research, teaching, design, and humanitarian work. Robin is a former chair of the governance board of Design Incubation, a design research and practice organization, and serves as a creative consultant to the C-suites of various international corporations. 

Named “one of the great teachers of our time” by the Carnegie Foundation, she has taught university students as well as industry professionals how to generate worthwhile ideas. It’s no surprise people consider Robin a creativity authority, but she’s more than that, as she uses her creative powers for good, not evil.

In this episode we do a deep dive into her latest book, The New Art of Ideas. We chat about how she started her career as a writer and academic—and the routines she has created that are  "non-negotiable" in order to maintain her output. She also shares her passion for teaching and giving back to the next generation.

Robin is a rare combination of creative, academic, author, humanitarian, and firebrand, that does much for the good of the world and helps so many others to live their lives in full. Listen in to learn what Robin has to say about living a strategically creative life. You won’t be disappointed.