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Living A Life In Full

Nov 27, 2017

Ian Lantz is one of the happiest activists I have ever had the pleasure to call friend. Lots of the other folks I have worked with may have had a grudge, or an ax to grind, or a cross to bear. Not Ian. In spite of a challenging childhood growing up in Los Angeles, he is one of the most giving and caring individuals that I know.                  

It’s almost like he’s an accidental change-maker, and artist for that matter. In spite of not having formal art school, his works are in demand, even by the Mayor’s Office. He was warned off of going into some Chicago ‘hoods because of being unsafe. But he did anyway, and thankfully so. He brought art and received friendship. He brought curiosity and caring and received the same in return. This is not a story of gentrification and loss of place. It is a story of crossing lines and collaborating to make a neighborhood a better place for those already there, and by becoming part of the fabric of what makes a neighborhood special.

Please listen in to the wonderful story of a life lived in full by an inspirational creative, Ian Lantz.

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