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Living A Life In Full

Dec 5, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own non-governmental organization, become part of the UN, create policy that changes lives, and travel the world doing so?


Well, then, let me introduce you to Jenifer L. White, PhD. She is an international psychologist, an arts-based researcher, author, and the founder of Project 1948. She has worked extensively in Rwanda, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Germany, France, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The heart of her work lies in Sarajevo, combining photography with human rights, a photo-voice for policy-change in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jenifer received her Ph.D. from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology focusing on international psychology and trauma. She works to make an impact in an increasingly diverse and globalized world. She is committed to empower and advocate for global social change. She utilizes monitoring and evaluation to prepare Project 1948 to achieve developing universal policies and procedures among civil society. Project 1948 was named in reference to the year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was published. This influential document states that all human beings are inherently equal and entitled human rights.

Jenifer lives her life in full by being of global service to others, and empowering individuals to be a support and change–maker for themselves and others—the ultimate in sustainable and lasting change. Please also note that Dr. White recommends and practices the ethic of eating dessert first.