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Living A Life In Full

Sep 1, 2021

One indelible lesson from the last year is that we can’t control the cards we’re dealt in life. Still, we can improve our odds by learning to play those cards more skillfully. How? By studying the best investors. They are the grand masters of probabilities. The ultimate game players, they focus relentlessly on minimizing risks, maximizing rewards, and optimizing their odds of success. But do they have anything to teach us besides making money? Can we apply their way of thinking to enhance our odds of building happy and successful lives even in times of extreme uncertainty?

Determined to answer these questions, financial writer William Green traveled the world on a quest to extract the most valuable lessons about investing and life from a pantheon of super-investors. Over 25 years, he spent hundreds of hours interviewing investment legends, and in this episode, we learn how to improve the way we think, reach decisions, assess risk, build resilience, and turn uncertainty to our advantage. The best investors are master game players who consciously maximize their odds of long-term success in markets and life while also minimizing any risk of catastrophe. In this we discuss this and his newest book, Richer, Wiser, Happier.