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Living A Life In Full

Aug 2, 2018

Have you ever imagined traveling around the world? Were you inspired by Jules Verne to pack your bags and set forth on a global adventure? Well David Mink has circumnavigated the earth six times, visited six continents and about 50 countries, and he is the current President of the Circumnavigators Club.

I didn’t really get to go on vacations as a boy due to my situation living my cash-strapped single mom. As a result, I stayed in hostels, pensiones, and tents while I did the proverbial backpack-through-Europe-right-of-passage over my final summer as an undergrad, before I ever check into a hotel.

So, my own personal wanderlust had suffered from pent up demand, and I wanted to learn how folks like David and over a century of circumnavigators have done it!

In this wide-ranging episode (pun intended), we learn about the amazing history and legacy of the club? Its membership roster is a who’s who of notable and diverse members, and their Order of Magellan honorees are an exceptional crew of inspirational travelers and humanitarians. The Club’s Goodwill Connection serves as a world-wide network of helpful members aiding in the navigation of other’s travels along with learning about their philanthropic Foundation that provides travel-study grants for undergrads.

This is an information and story filled episode that will likely spur you to get out your passport and set off on your next adventure, and who knows maybe like David, you too will circle the globe, a time—or six!