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Living A Life In Full

Mar 1, 2022

“I’ve watched the rise of some of the leading companies of today–Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google–and the fall of some of the leading companies of yesterday–Yahoo!, eBay, and AOL…Figuring out which companies really are going to be dominant franchises is an extremely hard thing to do. But those who accomplished this were arguably able to generate some of the best portfolio returns in the stock market over the past generation.”

In Mark Mahaney’s new book, Nothing But Net, and in this episode, he shares stock-picking lessons from both his best money-making stock calls and his biggest mistakes. He walks us through the history of the commercial Internet, including the Dot Com Boom and the Dot Com Bust, describes which companies succeeded spectacularly and which failed miserably—and why—explains what drives stock prices—especially for high-growth Tech stocks, and provides ten hard-earned lessons for building a powerful Tech stock portfolio.

You don’t want to miss this episode.