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Living A Life In Full

Nov 1, 2022

Healthcare and medicine have long served as a hotbed of innovation. Perhaps the leading edge these days requires a paradigm shift – think digital therapeutics, Web3, the metaverse, CRISPR, Software as a Medical Device – this is the domain of Neil Littman, Founder & CEO of Bioverge, a highly curated impact-investment venture platform exclusively dedicated to healthcare and to democratizing access to investing in early stage companies and startups. The Bioverge platform serves as a decentralized network linking capital to potential investment opportunities. Neil also hosts, The Bioverge Podcast.

Neil talked about his time at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and what it was like from both the scientific and business aspects. It was there that he learned that the institutional model of financing and investing could be applied to the retail sector as well. Combining those experiences and what he learned firsthand, lead to his creating the Bioverge platform.

Neil discussed that the decentralized network he built provides warm referrals to Bioverge with the goal of linking capital for potential investment opportunities. But they also provide value added services beyond just capital that helps founders and portfolio companies that may need support and expertise along the way. Beyond sourcing deal flow, they conduct due diligence on the investment opportunities by leveraging their network of subject matter experts who also have deep domain expertise.

Neil’s work is such a great example of “doing well while doing good” by helping to save lives and change the world.